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NewGenre brings a wonderful opportunity in a world where people are constantly fighting to get to the top of each and every other businesses. A Free Online Business Directory... Read More..

Business and Marketing is strongly tied to search engine optimization. NewGenre brings a strong seo (SERP) service - SEO with power documents Read More..

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NewGenre Software and Business Solutions

NewGenre Business Solutions

NewGenre Software and Business Solutions is an innovative development center established in 2008. NewGenre was started as an organization providing software project assistance in the year 2007. Leading to the creation of New Genre Software Solutions, our professionals strive and enjoy keeping in touch with the latest technologies and started providing business solutions to various companies. Newgenre is a team of dedicated professionals, who can handle software development, seo and other business services.

Search engine optimization requires a well organized, professional and timely approach to produce the exact results. At NewGenre we have qualified professionals to deliver seo services in a timely manner. With the existing seo strategies, NewGenre have two derived search engine optimization services named as 'SEO With Power Documents' and 'SEO Bounce Back'. These two methods are developed from our own experience and experiments. That's the reason why we guarantee the results. Our SEO Services are of best quality, gradual, guaranteed and affordable.

We have a dedicated team to do Market research, Online publishing and distribution. We do apply unique and proven methods with each business service we deliver. At NewGenre, we are keen to deliver the exact results what we agree. Being with the trends, help us to improvise our services to deliver maximum output to our client websites. Till the day, we could optimize hundreds of keywords with various competition levels.

Quality SEO Services

Though we are transformed into a business solutions center, still we offer services like website design, application development and other related services. We have experienced professionals to handle the design and development services like installing scripts on the hosting panel, blog creation, installing forums and web directories, ecommerce websites etc. Our job forum offers multiple bpo jobs both Online and offline. We have experienced internet marketers and qualified people to market research and analysis to help you with the fastest and most reliable ways to deliver guaranteed results for your websites.

We also have a business blog (with recent business information and seo tips) and an online job forum with various short and long online bpo jobs (some categories offer offline Bpo jobs too). NewGenre Online Business Directory is an initiative taken by us aiming to list maximum business websites. It is a 100% free service. We have associations with publishing services like Press Release Centre.

Secure and Easy Payment System for Our Services

Payments for our services can be sent through Wire-transfer, Xoom (NEFT Secured), Online Banking (restrincted to local services) and the easiest-reliable online payment gate way paypal. Discuss with us (via email/phone/skype) before initiating payments to secure it.

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