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Online Publishing, PR & Media Distribution ~ Be a Brand

Forget about traditional marketing plans and advertising methods. NewGenre offers an effective business strategy to brand a business. The below table shows how exactly we work and the full scope of services that would be provided on an ongoing basis.

Even though business centers offer excellent products and services to the market, they fail to achieve good business and sales. Here is the importance of business branding and marketing. Proper market research, marketing and advertising, online publishing, Media distribution etc are the steps involved in branding a business to reach the customers.

Quality Business Solutions How do we Brand Your Business?

Our professionals conduct proper market research on your website niche and deliver a complete media distribution and online publishing. This will help you to achieve an 'intelligent 2.0 Marketing' of your business to reach targeted customers and clients. Our business services can expose your business in to the web world with a perfect marketing approach - as a result your product will reach to every corner of the online market.

Market Research, Analysis and Material Preparation

Market analysis and keyword research is a very important thing to optimize a business. We determine some of the most popular and least competitive keywords that people enter into the search engines, when they're looking for a product or service that your business or website offers. Once we finish the market research, we will send the data to your office prior to prepare the materials. Once you finalize the set of business keywords, we prepare high quality content like Articles, Press Releases, Mini web2.0 Content, Business Videos etc targeting the keywords. After completing the material preparation, it will be sent again to the clients for validation.

Online Publishing and Mini Web2.0 Page Creations

A unique article of high quality referring to your website will be published on all the top class Article Publishing Centers. This online publishing will improve your website's SERP ranking. The total number of the article publishing centers is more than 50 where you can see the published article, the content will published also to 10+ Web2.0 propertices.

Quality Business Solutions
Online Media Coverage on Video Channels Explore Business
Online Video Marketing

We create a short video about your product or service and get it published on all the leading (on around 20+) online video channels. This will improve your online presence on Google and other top search places which will automatically increase the business. Targeted Video Distribution is not just for search engine optimization alone, it's the finest way to brand and explore your business.

Press Release Distribution Guaranteed News Coverage

A newsworthy press release content will be produced behalf of your website and circulated through online news distribution services. This will increase the website's authority and spread the word about your business to bring increased number of visits and customers. Including Google news, the news will be published on more than thirty leading press release distribution networks.

Press Release Distribution
Publishing on Social Networks and RSS Feed Syndication
Social Networking

Social Networks can produce strong business support. Services like twitter, facebook, myspace etc are very populated and high ranking. Publishing content on these top social networks guarantee better search engine ranking. Also your website will be distributed through feeds. The site will be pinged to 70+ RSS feed bases.

Type of Reports and Cost of this Business Branding Service

We provide weekly reports. On every Monday's we deliver complete progress reports in pdf and spread sheet format. Our customer care executives will be available 24X7 Hours. Queries can be clarified via email, telephone or through Skype.

The Online publishing and Media distribution including market research is a monthly service (the turn around time for the entire process is 30 days). However for clients who wish to try the service just for a single month, the cost is 349 USD. But our regualar clients who can sign up for the service on an ongoing basis - the monthly charges are 309 USD only. An important thing to remember here is when you decide to promote your business or service with our publishing and media distribution, you don't have to worry about yearly contracts. We don't ask you to sign in any contracts and we never lock you into anything. So, it's really just a matter of how you'd like to work with us. If you feel uneasy to continue working with us, at any time you are free to cancel the service even if it is after the very first month.

309 USD Monthly Service Package
349 USD Single Month Service

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